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Cartoon WavsLooney Tunes, Animaniacs, Sound effects, many Disney features, along with many more.
A few of the best wavs the Net has to offer.
Daily WavEvery weekday, a new .WAV file for your listening/downloading pleasure from various films and TV shows.
EarthStation1Beamin' The Sights & Sounds of the Known & Unknown Universe.
Home Turf
HUGE Assortment of WAV Sound files including MUSIC Wavs.
Movie WavsThe best way to find wav files from your favorite movie.
Music WavsA very large collection of music related wav sounds.
Wav CentralThe most memorable and hilarious sound clips. No more searching the net for the sound you need -- they're all right here!
Wav JumpgateHundreds of listings of wav sites all over the world with almost every sound file, midi file, wav file, TV theme songs, Motion picture soundtrack, or anything you are likely to want.
Wav PlaceTV, Movie, Some music, and Sound Event files in wav format.
Wav SurferA very unique, well laid out site. You can spend hours here, enjoying every minute of it.